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YouTube USA (YTUSA) is a place where users can view the best of the best videos based on categories and subject relevance.  YouTube USA selects and embeds the top YouTube videos from onto our site for your viewing pleasure.  At YouTube USA you can view several of the all time favorite videos without all the hassle of searching through thousands of videos to find what you want.  YouTube USA does the searching, so you donít have to.

If there is an issue with a video it will be removed from servers. If this happens to a video, it no longer be available on YT-USA.  YouTube USA is not affiliated with, so we have no say on whether or not a video should stay or be removed from servers.

Itís simple; YouTube USA finds the videos, so you donít have to spend time searching through thousands of videos to find what you are looking for.  YouTube USA individually selects popular YouTube videos, makes sure that there are not multiple instances of a particular video, and that the videos you select represent what is listed in the title. 

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YouTubeUSA currently offers:

  • Top 20 - The 20 Most Watched Videos on You Tube USA!

  • Music - The Best Music Videos in the USA.

  • Funny - Top Comedy Videos on YouTube USA

  • Kids Vids - Kid Videos hand picked by YouTubeUSA kids.

  • Animals - National Geographic Videos and other YouTube Animal Videos

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